Breathe 59/2023

I had the great pleasure to illustrate for Breathe again. In Breathe 59, you find my work for an article about the practice of habit stacking. Art direction by Jonathan Grogan. Thanks a lot for commissioning me again!




Breathe 58/2023

I feel honored to be part of the latest Breathe Magazine in which I illustrated an article about seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Art direction by Jonathan Grogan. Thanks a lot for the opportunity, I enjoyed the creative work flow!


Glad to finally show my packaging design for the first model of KIERROS. By the way my first packaging design at all…
KIERROS is a start-up for lifelike kinetics developing high quality and ecological wooden models.
A package illustration requires a totally different creative approach, which was quite challenging. The package material and color as well as its three dimensional quality must be considered from the start. So, I am looking forward to holding the final package in my hand, soon.

Illustrations for “Achtsam bewegen im Alltag”

I had the pleasure to illustrate the whole issue of “Achtsam bewegen im Alltag”, a practical manual for movements in everyday life.
Even though the type of illustration is very different from the conceptual work I use to do, it was a challenging task to create a modern design language for the movement figures.
Thanks to the editors Andrea Eichler, Birgit Mühlhäuser and Carmen Steinmetz-Ehrt (KMLH GmbH) for the commission and collaboration.
It has been a blast working together on this with my friend Franziska von Stieglitz, who is responsible for editing and typewriting.

Achtsam bewegen im Alltag 1/2

Achtsam bewegen im Alltag 2  


Some of my illustrations made it into CICERO magazine. I had the pleasure to illustrate an article about German small political parties. Art direction by Maren von Stockhausen. Huge thanks!


Finally holding it in my hand… The sports issue of INDES magazine that I illustrated. It was much fun. INDES MAGAZINE 01/2020

Illustrated issue of German INDES magazine 1/2020

I was invited to illustrate a complete issue of the German INDES magazine published by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht. This one is all about sports and out now!